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Drozd Blackbird

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Drozd Blackbird

The Drozd Blackbird is the next generation of the original Drozd bb gun. The Drozd Blackbird offers what the manual states is a 200 round magazine but our testing shows it really holds over 900 bbs when fully loaded. That's right folks, it holds 900+ bbs!

What makes this bb gun so different is the fact that it is select fire!

The Drozd Blackbird is operated by 3 switches. The on/off switch, the left slide switch that allows you to select 1,3,or 6 shot bursts and the right slide switch that allows you to choose 300,450, or 600 rounds per minute.

This gun is completely customizable just like the original Drozd bb gun. The Drozd Blackbird has lots of aftermarket accessories that combine power and performance with killer looks.

The Drozd Blackbird is truly the ultimate bb gun for anybody that is into shooting full automatic guns and with power upgrades this gun can easily shoot over 900 feet per second!

Please note that using disposable Co2 cartridges with long bursts of full auto will be prone to freezing up the gun. If you want to do long sustained bursts of full auto we highly recommend using high pressure air instead of Co2.

Model: MP-661K
Caliber: .177
Velocity: 525 FPS
Ammo Type: BB
Magazine Capacity: 900+ Rounds
Barrel Length: 7 in
Barrel Style: Rifled
Burst Mode: Semi Auto, Three Round Burst, 6 Round Burst
Rate of Fire: 300, 450, or 600 Rounds Per Minute
Action: Electronic
Power plant: Co2/HPA
Front Sight: Blade
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Warranty: 1 Year Limited (Excludes o-rings and plastic body components)
  1. It's just not great it's fantastic Review by CHUCK

    Ray is a magician mine has the mod chip a 15 in smooth bore barrel and the $75 tune up which includes some other things. It's like night and day from when I sent it to him. I'm running HPA at 1000 psi and getting 800 fps constantly. The next tank will be set at 1200 psi and I'll add 2 XENO batteries to the 4 lithium batteries to see what kind of FPS I will get. One thing I will point out is the noise the gun makes is a little loud but I LOVE IT. (Posted on 6/29/14)

  2. Best overall full auto airgun Review by UrbanFarmer206

    I purchased a modified froze about a year and a half ago. It works great, has the 6/9/1200 mod stock barrel, built a functional suppressor for it. Routinely hunt quail and have posted YouTube vids of it... I believe this gun outperforms any other airgun on the market. I considered the evanix bullpup and SMG.22.... I mean 900 round hopper......fully modded this thing is the ideal yard destroyer. You can effectively neutralize any unwanted yard visitors or run them off. There are many legal benefits to owning one of these....example ...in Washington state if you have a certain medical license it invalidates any ability to posses or defend yourself with a fire arm. Even a concealed pistol license is void and any use of a firearm constitutes "using a firearm in furtherance of a crime"...it's unfair and means should you have cancer and want to protect yourself you can't...... But with a drozd....I could send someone back over my fence if they just heard the damn thing... Additionally, you can't troop about most places with a gun and not go to jail, or at least get messed with, I've had my drozd at parks where it said no firearms, have had armed fish and game come up, and shoot with me for twenty minutes...... I used to walk out my door, and take quail the yard. In nearly any city in America you can discharge a bbgun on your property as long as the projectiles remain there too.... (Posted on 5/16/14)

  3. love it Review by Hank

    The Drozd Blackbird is solid and really well-made.

    It worked out of the box, and feels way cooler than I could have imagined. One of the first things we did was play Battle of Britain with paper airplanes. We launched planes from the deck with a rubber band and shot them down with great success. The planes didn't stand a chance.

    On a practical note, I found that I could use it to pick fruit from the tops of our tangerine trees (yes, it shoots that fast).

    The service we got was great. When the guy I ordered with (I think it was the owner) missed putting our order out on time for 3 day to get it to us on time for my family to have fun with it he OVERNIGHTED it to us at no extra charge... totally above and beyond. This is a totally respectable outfit and they keep their word. (Posted on 12/31/13)

  4. Get one Review by Dave65

    I got mine with the wild chip installed.Smg barrel bb centering and latch plate. This thing is great to shoot tons of fun! I run mine on hpa I think co2 would be a hassle. Great gun! (Posted on 9/4/13)

  5. THIS GUN IS CRAZY FUN!!!!! Review by Randy

    Great service on a fun gun. Do not delay. Get one now!
    (Posted on 1/26/13)

  6. A squirrels worst nightmare... Review by Killiain

    I will first admit, I bought mine used online, wasn't happy with it. Contacted these guys and they treated me like a Platinum customer, ended up mine was mistreated by first owner, and they went into detail of how to fix it. I then decided on doing full upgrade through them and it was an unbelievable rodent terrorizing machine. Only problem I have now is all the BB's I keep buying!!! THANKS RAY! P.S. Go big air on these babies! (Posted on 12/31/12)

  7. WOW Review by IdahoDan

    I have the bumble bee for the last 5 years, then got the blackbird, so I had to upgrade the yellow one to work like its faster brother, wow very cool... Ray thanks very much you rock (Posted on 12/6/12)

  8. Drozd MP 661 Blackbird Review by Airgun Junky

    I even like saying the name now that I have owned this extremely awsome SubMachine Gun for a little over a month. I have to say if YOU don't have this gun in your collection you are MISSING OUT.
    Like others I ABSOLUTELY """LOVE""" this BLACKBIRD MP 661.
    Very sceptical at first, ( a lot of cash for a toy I thought ) BOY was I wrong and I apologize strongly to Ray Duncan President of Drozd.
    I drilled and poked, prodded, pestered, him about everything. His truck was ransacked during the time he was working on my gun, that would knock anyone off their game. Not Ray he shook it off and sent me my BABY on time.
    I only had the basic mods done BB centering and the latch plate. These are a must and are not that expensive either. I am so IMPRESSED with this GUN. I am going to get more gun mods for my money and the best place to do that is,

    P.S. Thank you RAY and to everyone at DrozdMax

    I feel like a 12 year old again with the best SUBMACHINE GUN IN THE WORLD.

    Airgun Junky (Gene S.) (Posted on 12/4/12)

  9. i LOVE THIS GUN!!! HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT!!!! Review by John

    I ordered the Blackbird with 600/900/1200 chip installed, latch plate, bb centering and 15" smooth bore barrel installed.
    I also purchased the high pressure tank adaptor and remote air line.

    I spoke with the technician who installed/tested my gun and discussed the smooth bore barrel over the standard rifled barrel. He was very knowledgeable and very pleasant to speak with. He gave very specific recommendations on batteries and bb brand to use with the barrel installed.
    Customer service at DrozdMax is simply awesome!!!

    I was completely impressed with my Blackbird.
    The rate of fire, accuracy with the smooth bore barrel, shot count out of a high pressure paintball tank (48 cu in /3000 psi) was great

    The gun feels impressive, form fit and function is close to that of a real assault rifle. It feels right. Very comfortable for lefty's or right handed shooters.

    Shooting is pure joy. It is a real hoot to unleash its firepower.

    I show it to all my shooting buddies.
    We crank through air and bbs like crazy.

    Firing the Blackbird using Co2 on damp cool autumn days is like firing black powder, lots of Co2 smoke blocking vision. Using high pressure air is best and more consistent and no gas smoke. But Co2 works fine, just chills the insides quickly under full auto. No issue just cant see target for a few seconds

    Minimum upgrades should be latch plate and bb centering.

    I will highly recommend this gun!!! It is a blast!!!!! (Posted on 10/19/12)

  10. Excelent weapon Review by RCA

    This weapon for a BB gun has a lot of mods u can do to it to give it more power. Some folks say it's not very accurate,well I'm a sniper in the Army and I'd have to say it's pretty accurate with the SMG barrel plus the mods that DrozedMax placed in and on the weapon. I personally would have them kind folks at DrozdMax do all mods plus purchase the weapon from them, they were very kind and professional and very good with any ?'s you may have. Only way to explain the Drozd mod is a blast.. (Posted on 9/14/12)

  11. the best Review by ryder

    i love this gun and is the best gun i have ever bought for myself. (Posted on 5/16/12)

  12. Upgraded Blackbird Review by Trigger

    Spoke with Ray, who very courteously gave me all the details, took my order and shipped my baby to me. It was delivered promptly, I called and had Ray walk me through the simple assembly, and tested her in my backyard. I used a can for my test target, and shot at it several times, thinking I did not hit it, as it did not 'plink' or get knocked off the wall it was sitting on. I switched over to 'full auto' to take out my frustration, and peppered it mercilessly, still nothing. I walked up to see what the heck was going on and was delighted to discover that it had been completely ventilated; I guess the velocity of the shots allowed it to remain standing while removing all of its 'midsection.' Since one of its uses may be to deter a potential intruder, I am confident that this will give someone second thoughts about proceeding... (Posted on 3/2/12)

  13. Blackbird Review by indyjoe

    this is the gun of your dreams,it has everything,hold 900 bb's
    can be modified to the max,barrels,stocks,bulk air,mod chips and boards.This is the gun we have all been dreaming about since we
    were kids,the person or company that produced this gun must have had the same idea we all did,but they actually created it so we can have a blast,tired of semi-auto's that shoot 30-40 bb's as fast as u can pull the trigger?They cower at the sight of the Drozd Blackbird,so far the best bb gun for your money!!!!! (Posted on 2/12/12)

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